Our mission is to enhance our community and its citizens through the positive development skills of our training. We provide training for our military, law enforcement, and armed security personnel for their mental and physical growth.

Owned and operated by a service-connected veteran.
License #190053 (Department of Education) Cage # 8MS67 (Department of Defense)


Military Instructor KMF Owner of the 82nd Tactical Unit Complex

Served in Vietnam – 82nd Airborne Security for President Nixon TOW School Fort Bragg AIT Fort Bragg Airborne Jump School Karate Instructor Fort Bragg Machine Gunner, Rifleman Sniper School JOTC Jungle Operations Panama Commando Type Operations Civil Disturbance Training Tested MC1-1 Parachute Tested C5AGalaxy PSYOPS operations Fire Team Leader Combat Leader’s Course Full Active Shooter Training Krav Maga Instructor in three Krav Maga Federations 5th Degree Black Belt Karate Shotokan 2nd Degree Black Belt Krav Maga Force.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Every Saturday

Self-Defense  Take control of your life.

This workshop takes place Saturdays and is only two hours long but includes an action-packed curriculum for all skill levels.



March 23rd – March 27th,2023

Close Combat Tactical Firearms Instructor Course

This course includes a tactical helicopter (additional cost), Krav Maga, Close Quarter Combat, Pistol, and Carbine.

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The Complex

We customized training and consulting solutions for government, military, law enforcement, corporate & armed security clientele, and the public.


Women’s Introductory Pistol

This course requires no prior firearms experience and is designed for novice shooters, as well as those who have no experience at all with firearms.

Level 1 Pistol

This course is a full day of shooting and instruction for those who have limited experience with a semi-automatic pistol, revolver, and want to significantly improve.

Emergency Response

Emergency response team members ideally are trained and prepared to fulfill the roles required by the specific situation of an Active Shooter situation.

Real Visual Video Assessments

Send us your videos showing your moves and we will give you an assessment.  Explain what muscle moves you are using. Explain your skills and how you position your body or explain and demonstrate your footwork.

Security Operations

Two-day certification Helicopter assault. Tactical vehicles. Shooting in and around vehicles extractions security general firearms safety. Develop the combat mindset necessary to engage a threat and prevail Gain confidence as an individual in marksmanship abilities and effectiveness.

The safety of our customers is our top priority. We have taken a number of steps to protect the health and well-being of customers, which include sanitization procedures and physical distancing measures.  Stay healthy and safe!

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