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X360 Xplorer Crack Product Key Full Download For Windows

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X360 Xplorer Crack

X360 Xplorer Serial Key is a very lightweight and fast tool for burning, extracting and editing Xbox 360 games and ISO archives. It runs from the USB flash drive without requiring any installation.

Are you getting bored with the old standbys of data backups? Have you ever thought about putting a bit of creativity into the process and try something new? If you are a hardcore gamer with several games, it will be nice to know if you can store multiple backups of your valuable data. When you search for such a tool, one of the first things you will see in the search results is another utility called x360 iso burner. Unlike the two other applications we have on the list, this program does not aim to burn ISO files but it is rather developed to make backups of Xbox 360 discs.
With x360 iso burner, you will be able to store many discs on your computer and these can be freely accessed from any PC. In order to bring it to the PC, x360 iso burner is easily set up as a stand-alone application. Once the installation is done, it will be required to put in a USB drive that contains the discs you want to store. In the next page, we will show you more details about the installation and the tasks you have to perform so you can easily play your games.
x360 iso burner and Media Onslaught:
In case you already have a copy of Media Onslaught, you can upgrade it with x360 iso burner in a few clicks. They are two completely different applications, but they are alike in many ways. X360 iso burner is made to work with the ISO file format, a type of data storage that is used for storing the data of games.
Media Onslaught, on the other hand, is much more than a simple disc burner tool. It is a great utility to manage multiple CD or DVD backup discs. Even if you do not use it for backups, it can help you in creating CD or DVD from ISO images stored on your hard drive.
If you want to know which of them is more powerful and why, you will have to consider the facts carefully.
The x360 iso burner is completely portable. You do not have to download any file before you can use it. You just have to copy the ISO file inside the folder that you want to use and the program will start working. As you can see in the screenshot above, x360 iso burner uses a small size installer.
This means that it will not require to install any application on

X360 Xplorer Free Download

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X360 Xplorer Crack+ Activation Code

X360 Xplorer is a lightweight and easy-to-use software that lets you extract and modify images from the ISO format. Just select the disc or image you want to examine, highlight the ISO folder and start the program. Once in the main window, you can choose between the four extraction methods, namely all files, or a single file, all files with extension or files with extension, and from a specific folder. Finally, if you want to modify or change some of the extracted content, you can edit the selected file or go to the ‘Tools’ menu and change the original file.
Key features:
● Easy to use
● Highlights ISO files
● Extracts or modifies ISO files
● Modifies physical size of the ISO file
● Extracts or modifies ISO files for ISO images on USB drives
● Modifies physical size of the ISO file

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What’s New In X360 Xplorer?

How to back up your XBOX 360 games and play them any PC and XBOX 360.
Once you download X360 Xplorer, simply double-click the.exe file to open the interface.
Once the program is running, X360 Xplorer will start to scan your disk images and all the files that are present will be listed out on the left side of the interface.
To be able to edit any files, X360 Xplorer will first ask for your permission.
Once you have given it, you will be able to edit the particular file of your choice.
X360 Xplorer can also be used to create, edit and burn backup XBOX 360 games, just follow the instructions inside the X360 Xplorer manual.
File View:
The most important things in the file view are the following ones:
• Name: the actual name of the file you are going to edit,
• Size: the total size of the file in bytes
• Checksum: the hash code of the file
• Date Modified: the date that the file was last modified
• Date Created: the date that the file was created
• Bitrate: the image bitrate
• Free Space: the amount of free space in bytes
• Free Space Incl: the amount of free space that is included
• Free Space Allocated: the amount of free space that is allocated
• File Size: the amount of bytes in the file
• Filename: the filename
• Archive Type: the type of the file
• Archive Size: the size of the archive in bytes
• Root: the root sector of the disc
• Free: whether the files in the archive are free
• End Sector: the end sector of the disc
• Length: the total length of the disc image
• Readonly: whether the disc is read-only
• Total: whether the disc is complete
• The L1 Table: the linear L1 Table
• The L2 Table: the linear L2 Table
• The L3 Table: the linear L3 Table
• The BUP Table: the Branch Unit Table
• The SAV Table: the Sequence 'Save Area' Table
• The TRK Table: the 'Track Number' Table
• The ETC Table: the 'Extended Track Table' Table
X360 Xplorer has this feature and you can view it or share it with anyone you like. You can download X360 Xplorer here:

System Requirements For X360 Xplorer:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel i3 or AMD Athlon X4
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 and DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Additional Notes: Not compatible with Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5 or AMD FX series
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 4.