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X (Pure Shutdown Screen Saver V0.5)

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X (Pure Shutdown Screen Saver V0.5)

we’ve added several new reports to show what devices have reported issues to us or that we don’t have hardware profiles for. these reports show device health and can help with device lifecycle management. for more information, see device health reports in endpoint analytics.

for organizations that host their own active directory forest, we’ve added the ability to set active directory licenses as device properties. this new property is detailed in the azure active directory module for powershell for details.

if your organization uses conditional access, you can now choose one of two new authentication methods. you can simply use the conditional access login screen as seen in figure a. this is the same screen users would normally see when installing company portal for the first time. because we handle the pairing of conditional access with company portal internally, we’ve been able to streamline the setup process. if a user installs the required version of company portal, they will see the login screen and are able to enter their conditional access credentials. you can also choose the new setup assistant with modern authentication option to avoid the issue of users getting stuck on a device they can’t use while the company portal installs. this method requires an additional azure ad login post-enrollment in the company portal app to gain access to corporate resources protected by conditional access.

for macos users, you can now choose an optional macos update if an update is required. you can choose either a normal update or an optional update to receive the latest security updates. if you choose the latter, you will be prompted to install the security update assistant on your mac. it will prompt you that it is required, but if you install and exit the security update assistant, you will not be prompted that it is required again. the macos update is only for important updates like signing certificates and firewall updates.