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Superkeylogger Crack 💪

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Superkeylogger is an easy to use keylogging component written in C# .net. The package contains both a a working binary example as well as the source code.
Give it a try and see what it is capable of!







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Superkeylogger Crack is a simple yet very handy to use keylogger for Windows. It contains an easy to use user interface and enables you to save the captured keys to a file for further use. It has multiple outputs and provides you a comprehensive log which is very useful for debug purposes. Superkeylogger has a time to live option which has to be defined when installing. This is to restrict the keylogs captured by the application to a certain amount of time.


It is possible to use Superkeylogger in the following Windows versions:

ActiveX control:

Version 7 or higher for Windows 7 and higher.

Version 6 or higher for Windows Vista and higher.

Version 5 or higher for Windows XP and higher.

Binary installer:

Version 4 or higher for Windows XP and higher.


Free for home use.

The source code is released under the MIT license. You can download the source code of Superkeylogger here:

The latest release is 1.2 which is available here.
When using a binary installer, you will also have to get the latest installer (1.1 for windows).
We will upload the latest versions at the time of release.
To get help with the package, check the Superkeylogger forums.
For more information, check out the Superkeylogger article.

To install Superkeylogger, download the windows installer or the runnable binary.

In case of the runnable binary, you do not need to install anything.
Simply drop the folder into c:\

To start Superkeylogger, double click the startSuperkeylogger.exe file in the folder.
A message box will appear informing you of the version and asking if you want to run Superkeylogger. Click OK to continue.

The Superkeylogger interface should now be available from the Start Menu (programs- start menu button).
Superkeylogger is a pretty simple application, we will focus on its features.

The SuperKeylogger main screen.

To save an entry you need to click on the blue Save button.

To start the recording, click on the start button.

The following box appears. Select the number of seconds you want to use for recording.

Set the time to live box and click on the OK button.

A log

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Superkeylogger Free Download is a keylogging program which is very easy to use, but is highly effective. It works with keyboard modifiers and will log all keys pressed or held down. All keys not specified are ignored. With Superkeylogger Free Download, you can easily capture system commands, passwords and any type of file reading and writing on your system.
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In the next tutorial we will see how to get to know and use the functionality of Superkeylogger Serial Key.
Why Use Superkeylogger?
There are many good reasons why you should always keep an eye on your keystrokes and logs. For example, a person might want to log what they are doing online, what kind of files they are modifying, or what kind of programs they have open at a certain moment. The data stored by Superkeylogger can be collected and analyzed on your computer from anywhere.
To get an idea about what kind of things Superkeylogger can do you should think of what the following command might be:
echo “AAAA” > c:\tmp\my_secret_pass
Superkeylogger is able to capture and store this command into a file called log.txt. You can then read this file and get to know what kind of things were pressed while this command was executed.
It can log:
* User-Id
* Shell
* Files
* Command-Line
* Active Processes
* File Modifications
* User-Modified programs
* Terminal Sessions
* Keyboard Modifiers
The goal is to log everything on your computer and store it into a file. For example, you can know what files and programs a user runs online. Or what programs they are currently executing.
Superkeylogger is developed with C# and runs on Windows (XP/Vista/7, 32-bit and 64-bit) platforms. This will give you better compatibility in the future if you get a new laptop or computer.
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Superkeylogger Crack+ Free Download

Superkeylogger is a simple, easy to use keylogger tool written in C# for Windows Operating System. This keylogger is designed to be as stealth as possible. Suuperkeylogger is supposed to log every keystroke (both capital and small letters) on all windows that you have focus on. It logs almost everything you type and handles false positives as of as possible. So, if Superkeylogger is running, then you can be sure that the data you type is being saved.
You do not need to install any software or install any drivers to use Superkeylogger. It is completely invisible to the user and it captures your keystrokes, both capital and small letters.
Superkeylogger is developed in C#.NET and it is a portable application. You can execute Superkeylogger on any Windows OS, both 32 and 64 bit systems. To use Superkeylogger you do not need to have administrator access, because Superkeylogger does not run any process which will elevate your user privilege.
Superkeylogger supports nearly all ASCII-128 languages including Arabic, Persian, Thai and others. Although, we suggest you to use English language when working with Superkeylogger. The screenshots and the information in this post are all in English language.
Detecting The Process:
The most important thing when using a keylogger is detecting the process that is running. The process will be invisible to the user and therefore it will be harder for the user to notice that something is running. For example, the process will be invisible to the user when no window is active. A program like Cheat Engine, HxD, etc. will detect the process, but Superkeylogger does not. Superkeylogger is designed to be as stealth as possible and this is why it does not detect processes. It is very easy to just run Superkeylogger and it will log everything you type.
In addition to running silently, Superkeylogger does not contain any notification. Superkeylogger does not make any beeping noises to indicate that it is collecting your keystrokes. This helps to avoid false positives. If you are running Superkeylogger in Stealth Mode on a system with more than one active processes and you have some beeping noises, then it is not Superkeylogger at the moment. It is just noise.
Although Superkeylogger is not a beeping sound detector, Superkeylogger will detect be

What’s New in the Superkeylogger?

Superkeylogger is an easy to use keylogger for windows. The component will record all keys pressed on your computer, even if your system is locked.
The keylogger records all keyboard events like key presses, mouse clicks, system dialog, clipboard and the date and time of each event.
To get the keylogger running simply double click the given example. A small window will open and it will show you a list of available countries. Select one and click ok. The keylogger will install and start.
Main Key Features:
1. Double click the Setup to start the installed keylogger.
2. Click Exit to close the window.
3. Click on Start to start the keylogger.
4. Press ALT+TAB keys to record keyboard events.
5. To clear the keylogger select Clear / Delete Log.
6. To exit use File / Exit.
7. To quit see File / Quit.
8. To control the keylogger see Options / Options / Keyboard.
9. To get the list of available countries see Options / Options / Countries / Edit Countries.
10. To add a new country see Options / Options / Countries / New Country.
11. To select a different country see Options / Options / Countries / Select Country.
12. To delete a country see Options / Options / Countries / Delete Country.
13. To create a new country see Options / Options / Countries / New Country.
14. To change the language of the keylogger see Options / Options / Languages.
15. To add a new language see Options / Options / Languages / New Language.
16. To select a different language see Options / Options / Languages / Select Language.
17. To change the keylogger theme see Options / Options / Themes.
18. To add a new theme see Options / Options / Themes / New Theme.
19. To select a different theme see Options / Options / Themes / Select Theme.
20. To delete a theme see Options / Options / Themes / Delete Theme.
21. To create a new theme see Options / Options / Themes / New Theme.
22. To get more informations about the keylogger see Help / About.

1. Install the keylogger

Double click on the setup file, you should see a new window open. Click on the Back button, and select the OK button to

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