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Steinberg.WaveLab.v5.01a-H2O Free ((INSTALL)) Download 🔵

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Download File >>>

Steinberg.WaveLab.v5.01a-H2O Free Download

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Windows Phone – How to “add” a resource folder

I’ve just published my first Windows Phone app to the marketplace and I’ve come across a problem.
I’ve added a custom folder as a resource to my app which is named “ThemeResources”.
On my phone this folder is in “Personal Files” of the app’s installation folder.
On my phone in the “\Themes” folder is a “FolderX” folder with the same name as the folder “ThemeResources” and another sub folder named “Resources”.
When I open this app on my phone, it is able to access the folder “ThemeResources” and the app works as expected.
However, if I remove the app from my phone, and then reinstall the app, it uses “FolderX” instead of “ThemeResources”.
Is there a way to add a resource folder to my app?


You can’t – Windows Phone apps are installed in one of the places on the phone, and it can’t be anywhere else. The only way to get there is with Windows Installer – if you package your app properly, you’ll get a full install (or at least a full install on a new machine).
To package your app to the phone yourself, you can make use of the MSI XML generation tool:

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