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Earth, 2044. Hunter is a renowned mercenary who is known throughout the galaxy for his ruthlessness. When a top-level politician whose corruption and greed set a whole solar system against his people, he sees a golden opportunity. The UN knows that this politician, Longwood, must be overthrown.
Hunter is sent to do his job. But what he finds is that Longwood’s supporters have also been searching for Hunter. They are much more than just ordinary mercenaries. They are men in black. Hunters are pursued through a number of unfamiliar areas, including a frozen forest, an abandoned city and a dense jungle. And it’s not just Hunter who is on their trail…Longwood’s opponents are on his trail as well. Perhaps not even such a man as Hunter can prevail against these enemies?
Key Features:
Based on the novel Cauldron by Paul Barker, the game uses the events that occurred in the novel as its main inspiration.
Highly detailed 3D rendered graphics and the addition of many new elements to Cauldron. The addition of more realistic particles, more life-like player models, realistic lightning and many new environments are just some of the new features.
Original background music written by Kvatcha (SSAuthor’s Horde) and composed by Vangelis.
New original sound effects: The voice acting and sound effects were made especially for Cauldron by the actors and sound designers who have played in Cauldron.
Tactical game-play, supporting up to 4 players in various modes, including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free for all and Team Objective.
Items that can be captured in the game. Achieving the goal is far from easy…
Strong emphasis is placed on cinematic and plot-driven aspects in the gameplay. Players are given a range of items and weapons. With the right combination of items, players can dominate the game and take out their enemy team with ease.
The main objective in the game is to find out the identity of the man in black who is chasing Chaser. Only when his identity is known can the player truly understand the rest of the game’s plot.
The plot, characters and environments in Cauldron reflect the events that are described in the novel.And yet, it went on. And on. And on. And then some.

NEWARK, NJ — The brouhaha over Mayor Ras Baraka has extended into an eighth week, with raucous confrontations at City Hall, with the mayor appearing to


Starry Moon Island Red Snake MP10 Features Key:

  • Three different modes of gameplay : Arcade, Follow the mark and Dismount
  • Challenge mode in Expert difficulty
  • The inventory, box, arm and rocket can be damaged, and components can be used as weapons or ammunition to solve problems (can’t be damaged)
  • A soldier deals with the incoming enemy fire and tracks down the nearest ammo
  • A classic game in 7 different worlds
  • Objectives marked with a cross appear when a mission is completed
  • Statistical display of the game
  • Hold the keys to jump


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Gotta Earn that Glory!Race and Practice Mode
For those who want to focus on the fun part of freestyle-racing, you can set the difficulty to zero, and just enjoy the beauty of FPV Air 2!Race Mode:
Not only is the racing event a full-fledged 12 rounds, you can actually race without any restriction on where you race. You can even race in V formations!You can also change the wind strength, obstacles and other settings to give your racing experience a more challenging edge!5 Different Modes available for you!Stealth Mode:
Face it, stealth isn’t always the best strategy. Dare to race without the radar advantage, and get even more challenging!Speed Race Mode:
Show off your true speed demon style, and earn some bonus speed credits!Focus on Quality or Speed!Option: Speed
The game will automatically choose the right setting for you
Option: Quality
The game will automatically choose the right setting for youHelp and Mission System:
Get some help on the track by tapping the B icon on the screen, available only while the racing is in progress
Helpful notes:
This content is not affiliated with Bando!


MAKE sure you have the right FPV software installed before playing. You can find more information on our Facebook at

Map Information

The Mill:
A working farm that used to be a sweet factory before it was ruined during the great war. The buildings look like they were constructed in a hurry when they were done, but still remains a very interesting sight.

Set of shipping containers, each bearing a name, with all kinds of cranes and other machinery to get them out of there.

A park designed for swimming and other water-based activities. It contains a small fountain and other attractions for the people of the city, and the place is also littered with trees.

Like the Hallway scene from Carpe Diem…

Nope… I have no idea about that 😀

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Starry Moon Island Red Snake MP10 Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download 2022

Nanashi’s fate: the sinlge blood sacrificed by a Synthister hunter to keep Nanashi safe from becoming a Synthister himself, but with little effect.
Shizuku’s fate: Shizuku’s kiss on Nanashi allowed him to remain mortal and able to function as a human but with the thirst for blood and the characteristic shapeshifter eyes.
Strictly Junkyard Rules:Forbidden scrap-parts are in high demand.
On the plus side: Scrap-parts are widely available.
The kitchen has a blender.
The library has books.
The clinic has medical supplies.
Tools, weapons and clothing are also at the players disposal.
The only place that is off-limits: the lap of a certain popular local actress.When players capture Synthisters, they may switch their statuses from the hunted to the hunter with the goal of being the last one standing.

Statuses:Serene: The Synthister is dead.Sunbathing: The Synthister may not move.Shiny: A Synthister can shapeshift into a shiny form.Made of Plastic:The Synthister will melt in direct sunlight.

AKIBA’S TRIP is an alternate reality combat and investigative game. The game features:1) an original story and a unique character perspective.2) a customizable fighting system which incorporates fad worship and/or attacks with improvised weapons.3) a catalog of uniquely branded outfits from a wide selection of retailers.4) over 400 unique items and 120 locations spread across a map representing the crowded techie-industrialist quarter of Akihabara.Players take on the role of a “High School Brawler” that has been transformed into a vampire hunter by the mysterious “Geist of the Eyrie”, whom known as the “Synthister”. Inspired by a number of popular anime and manga, players embark on a quest to “purify” their city by ridding Akihabara of a plague of vampirism. AKIBA’S TRIP is a highly immersive game and requires the player to utilize an arsenal of weapons, makeshift swords, makeshift knives, improvised weapons, wacky armor, and the game’s unique “Healer” system. Players must also be able to quickly build, hack, upgrade, mix and match a wide


What’s new in Starry Moon Island Red Snake MP10: