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Shrek 2001 Full Movie English Version !!INSTALL!! 👌🏿

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Shrek 2001 Full Movie English Version !!INSTALL!! 👌🏿

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Shrek 2001 Full Movie English Version

Mainstream Media

Peter McKinnon: “The films with the most money at the box office, including the US box office, are almost certainly not films that people want to watch, both because they work for culture and because they work commercially.”

William Eggers: “Maybe the new media is the bad, old media. I think we have come to that conclusion. We have put our capitol and some talent and energy into making movies that are money. We seem to be investing in movies that barely exist, in the sense that they have a certain kind of marketing and commercial value. They may be interesting, may be good. But there’s other value and a different value.

Some in the studio and some in the business of film have been very much involved in visual culture. They don’t seem to want to look at the way that the market has been changing. That changes the relation of movies to other forms of media. It changes the way that we value movies. I think it’s not a good thing, certainly not for the culture. It’s a bad thing.”

Mark Cousins: “Does the public find we’re giving them shoddy pablum that’s not really being filtered through very interesting ways to tell stories, just for the sake of making as much money as possible? I suppose there’s nothing new under the sun.”

Peter McKinnon: “The studios don’t want to see certain films succeed. They don’t want the movies that they’re making to be successful. They don’t necessarily appreciate that making these kinds of films is a good investment.”

Steven Spielberg: “I do not want to put all the blame on them, but if we continue to look at them as box office machines, if they are not truly engaging in the cinematic arts, we might find that the public becomes more critical.”

William Eggers: “We are giving them really bad, fairly mindless, predictable, often uninteresting films, all the time. There are really only two films now that are contenders to be considered a serious movie. They’re both sort of 12 years old. They’re both incredible performances, they’re both scifi movies which are very hard to do in Hollywood. They’re both about people moving through a world that they do not understand. They’re both wonderful movies and they’re both out there.”

Claude Brule: “The market is telling us what movies to make, who to spend resources on, who the audiences are. In times when