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Roja Hindi Movie Watch Online Dailymotion

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Roja Hindi Movie Watch Online Dailymotion

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Roja Hindi Movie Watch Online Dailymotion

Catherine Lynch – it’s not certain that with the money offered to the hitman, he’s capable of killing Victor, and assuming he does, how does he live with himself, etc.


If there’s more than one in the room, I’ll go with Plan B.

Only if there’s more than one in the room?

I’m not certain how it works, but he doesn’t like leaving it to chance.

Yeah, but “Plan A” would be to shoot yourself in the foot.


So let’s try Plan B.

Until the money changes hands, Victor’s still safe.

I’m not sure the hitman’s willing to wait that long.

But he’s giving it a shot.

If he blows it, he could’ve blown it a lot earlier.

And if you’re wondering what Victor is doing, he’s hiding in the bathroom.

And my job’s done.

Time to move on to Plan C.

Plan C?

He’s out of options.

Well, not quite out.

And so, I found myself out in the wilderness, once again.

If you can find me, you can find him.

Bring him back home.

And don’t take no for an answer.

Because I can always find you.

I’m nowhere near as smart as you think I am.

But I’m a professional.

Killing Victor would’ve been a mistake.

Because he had no intention of killing himself.

And so I decided to have you killed.

And then I’ll kill myself.

I’ll go ahead and make it easy on you.

No one’s going to find your body.

You don’t have a body.

I thought the hitman was only capable of killing others?

He’s capable of killing himself.

As long as he’s still alive.

It’s the perfect solution.

As long as I can do it.

And all I have to do is wait