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This course is for the experienced UFAF Krav Maga Instructor military or law enforcement professional who desires to learn a variety of tactical applications involving both firearms. The course will consist of approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction on firearm safety, firearm operation, and the cognitive aspects of marksmanship. The remaining 15 hours will consist of a variety of progressively challenging drills and events all crafted to improve mindset and performance under stress.

Course Objective: Upon completion of the course the student will have a thorough understanding of firearms safety and marksmanship fundamentals and how to tactically maneuver and engage multiple targets from a variety of firing positions with the semi-automatic pistol or carbine or both Using Trucks and cars , as well as water .

Enabling Objectives:

  • General firearms safety
  • Develop the combat mindset necessary to engage a threat and prevail
  • Gain confidence as an individual in marksmanship abilities and effectiveness
  • Gain a measureable increase in speed (by stressing the fundamentals), accuracy and target acquisition with (carbine) and secondary weapons system (pistol) at varying distances in prescribed times based on specific drills
  • Gain a measureable increase in individual and small unit marksmanship from behind cover and barricades at varying distances
  • Engage targets from and around vehicles – both pistol and carbine
  • Gain a measureable increase in ability to shoot accurately and discriminate targets while on the move and in close proximity to non-combatants and fellow Soldiers
  • Gain the knowledge, confidence and weapons handling skills to safely move on to Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training
  • Have a thorough understanding of a training methodology and drills so they can continue to improve their tactical marksmanship skills after the course, train others and conduct sustainment training while deployed

Ammo requirements (Student Furnished): 200 rounds of pistol ammunition, 200 rounds of rifle ammunition.

Prerequisite: Active Duty Law Enforcement, Military, Other Government Agency, or Licensed Private Security Entity or UFAF Krav Maga Instructors level 4-5

Training schedule: Show time is 7:30 am, each day, with instruction starting at 8:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm.  One evening, or early morning, will be set-aside for low light condition weapons fire.  A one hour period is allotted for lunch each day.

Individual equipment (Student Furnished):

  • Pistol with 5 magazines / Carbine with 5 magazines
  • Belt with holster and magazine pouches
  • Magazine holder for the carbine/rifle.
  • Knee and Elbow pads (optional)
  • Weapon cleaning kit (with Oil for guns.)
  • Rain or inclement weather gear
  • Eye and Ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)
  • Water / Snacks / Lunch (We’ll take an hour lunch break around noon. Lunch can also be purchased at fast food restaurants within a 10 mile radius of the range.)
  • Hat / Gloves (rifles will get hot.)
  • Optical Sight for rifle (Optional, but highly recommended.)

Course includes: 16 hours of instruction and a certificate of completion.


Protective Services Tactical Pistol and Carbine