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Adobe Illustrator CC can do most of the same editing tasks as Photoshop. Adobe offers a free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud software package, which includes both Illustrator and Photoshop CC as part of the same software package.

Figure 1-4 lists various tools for Adobe Photoshop.

**Figure 1-4:** The basic tools that come with Photoshop.

Using The Basic Editing Tools

Most of Photoshop’s tools are visible when you begin the program. Each tool has a dedicated keyboard shortcut, which you can set up as your own personal shortcut. You can also use the tools by using the main menu or by double-clicking on an image.

The File menu includes the following options, which are commonly used across Photoshop and a few other image editing programs:

New: Creates a new image or layer.

Open: Opens an existing image or layer.

Save: Saves the image.

Share: Opens the Share dialog box, where you can specify which people can access the image or layer you are working on.

Undo: Undoes the last image manipulation.

Redo: Redoes the last image modification.

Cut: Cuts out one or more layers.

Copy: Copies one or more layers.

Paste: Pasts one or more layers onto a new image or layer.

Rotate: Rotates an image 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

Scale: Scales an image.

Crop: Trims off unwanted area from the image.

Flip Horizontal (Flip Vertical): Flips an image horizontally or vertically.

Flip Up (Flip Down): Flips an image up (or down) to its original orientation.

Mirror: Changes the orientation of an image.

Trim: Trims away the outer portion of an image or layer.

Emboss: Enlarges or reduces the outer portion of an image.

Gradient Map: Enlarges or reduces the color of the outer portion of an image.

Dodge and Burn: Highlights an image and darkens the lighter portions.

Sponge: Forges effects such as the lights and darks of a painting on an image.

Blur: Blurs an image.

Smudge: Blurs and simulates an old-fashioned watercolor painting.

Sharpen: Makes an image appear sharp.

The following chapters

Photoshop CC 2015

Adobe Photoshop is a computer program that allows you to manipulate and retouch photographic images to give them a new appearance. While in the past, Photoshop was the only serious photo editing software available, it is now joined by countless photo editing tools designed to improve your photos in innumerable ways.

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Designers are using Photoshop to create graphics and edit pages of websites. Photoshop is known for its high-quality image editing tools and powerful features.

Google uses Photoshop to generate some of its images, as well as Microsoft and Apple.

This chart shows the range of Photoshop support and interest.

Tip: Click here to link to frequently-requested Photoshop training for those who want to master Photoshop.

What is Photoshop? What is Photoshop for?

Photoshop is a professional graphic designing software that is quite famous among the photo editing and graphic design professionals. If you are a businessperson, graphic designer, or a photographer, you must have heard of Photoshop and know what it does.

However, if you are a beginner graphic designer, photographer, or tech-savvy photo editor then don’t worry. We have got you covered. In this article, we’ll explain everything about Photoshop and what it is used for. We are going to answer questions such as “What is Photoshop?”, “What are Photoshop’s uses?”, “What is Photoshop used for?”, “What Photoshop for?”, and more.

Adobe Photoshop is also a graphics editing software that is used to edit photographs. In fact, it is a powerful software that offers a wide range of editing features. It also allows you to create, edit and modify graphics.

Photoshop is one of the most important tools used by the graphic design industry to create a unique, high-quality product.

The Photoshop software is a product developed by Adobe Systems and is also available for many platforms. Adobe Photoshop allows the design and editorial professionals to create digital art such as websites, logos, and advertisements that can scale up to the big or small sizes.

Photoshop provides the feature of altering the appearance of an image or a portion of the image. Photoshop is the most important software used by the professional designers. It is one of the foremost graphic software, used to create breathtaking works of art and to replicate the images in the real world.

What is Photoshop?


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What’s New in the?

* Basic Selection – Essential for starting off with Photoshop.
* Move Tool – Locates the selected pixels and is used to drag the image around.
* Pen Tool – Allows you to create and manipulate text and shapes in an image.
* Lasso Tool – Selects an area with a line and allows you to select shapes and paths inside an image.
* Rubber Stamp – Allows you to draw in or paint with different colours.
* Eraser Tool – Allows you to erase areas of an image.
* Paint Bucket Tool – Allows you to fill areas of an image with a color.
* Blur and Sharpen Tools – Allows you to blur or sharpen an image.
* Camera Tool – Allows you to shoot an image from the current location.
* Lens Correction – Used for adding/removing distortions in images.
* Healing Brush – Repairs specific damage within an image.

10. How do you save a file when you are done editing in Photoshop?
Saving a file in Photoshop is straightforward.
In Photoshop, click on the ‘File’ tab to open the ‘File’ menu.
* Click on ‘Save’. This brings up the Save dialog box.
* Select a location for the file.
* Select a file format for the file.
* Check the box ‘Keep Unsaved Files Open When Saving’.
* Click ‘Save’.

Note: Photoshop also has a feature called ‘Stack in Photoshop’ where you can import an entire folder of images.
11. What is Photoshop’s file format and how is it different from other file formats?
Photoshop uses the Adobe Photoshop Portable Document Format (PDF) as its file format. Adobe Photoshop also supports the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and JPEG for photographs.
Adobe Photoshop’s file format allows a whole range of editing options, including masking, text tool, color tool, layer, creation of larger files and even a color correction feature.

12. What is the difference between a Photoshop file and a Photoshop PSD file?
The main difference between a Photoshop file and a Photoshop PSD file is that Photoshop files are the actual image data

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