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Imagiam Lenticular Effects 4 1 Full 46 Fixed

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Imagiam Lenticular Effects 4 1 Full 46 Fixed

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Imagiam Lenticular Effects 4 1 Full 46

lately, weve been experimenting with taking our lenticular technology to new heights. for example, we developed a lenticular lens printing technique that can be applied on any surface. this allows us to develop brand new products without having to invest in expensive molding. we recently created the first full life-sized lenticular lens video billboard. check it out below:

this time, we did it all with a consumer-friendly approach. we designed a full-color, non-stick lenticular print with an accurate rgb color bridge. we were able to create this effect in just one layer and eliminate any need for registration. we arent the only ones doing it, however. makerlab is a leading producer of diy 3d printing with its own line of “tinkertoy” 3d printers. it is best known for its plug and play starter kit and for its easy-to-use software. it also has a free online academy to help people get started with diy 3d printing. and of course, makerlab is always busy brainstorming new ideas.

we recently had the opportunity to work with makerlab again and came up with a new product. this time, we designed a 3d lenticular image animation. watch the video to see how we created this new effect. we are excited to share this with you because, like the makerlab, we believe that diy 3d printing is a great way to create fun new products. we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

what are the benefits of using our lenticular image animation service? 1) we are experts in producing 3d lenticular effects. in fact, weve been doing it since 2011. weve published many articles and guides to help people produce 3d lenticular effects. we know what it takes to create an eye-catching 3d lenticular effect. weve also been featured in articles from top trade publications like 3dprinting.

adobe has created a couple of tools to help you design a good lenticular print. the new photoshop cs5 has a 3d features in the menu bar called lens corrections. you can use this tool to apply basic corrections to a still image like a straightening of the lines or increasing the contrast, which is a good thing to do when creating a print for the first time.
when creating a new design, youll need to use a certain type of layout and size for the lenticular images. youll also need to choose a type of background you want to use. there are some good basic guidelines you can follow, but its up to you how detailed you want to be. we recommend going over the lenticular printing guidelines from a lenticular printing company so you are sure to get the type of design you want. a common mistake for beginners is putting the lenticular images on top of the background. this will make the lenticular effect less effective.
when working with lenticular printing services, they may offer some cheap photoshop tutorials to help get you started. many times, a cheap tool can be good for learning the basic functions of the software. when you have a basic understanding of photoshop, then youll be able to focus on creating a design that you can eventually turn into a lenticular image.
when it comes to investing in a lenticular printing company, you need to be careful and do your research. do they have a studio that can work with you to create the images you want? does the company have a license to produce print runs of 10,000 or more? do they have a good return on investment (roi)? ask for their roi and watch it over time.