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Fundy Designer 6 Incl Keygen __HOT__ 13

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Fundy Designer 6 Incl Keygen 13

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See also Fundy Category:Business software Category:Data management software Category:Database managers Category:Integrated development environments Category:Data analysis software Category:Joomla!Q: How to read data from file in python? I have written a small application in python that generates some data(which is in the format I expect in a text file) using code below, import random import time import datetime def function1(): while True: while True: first = str(random.randint(1, 2)) second = str(random.randint(1, 2)) time.sleep(random.randint(2,3)) date = str(“%d%m%Y %H:%M:%S”)) with open(“file.txt”, “a+”) as output: output.write(str(first)+” “+str(second)+” “+str(date) + ” “) I have problem reading the data from file.txt as the format is as follows, 72158290811853072 2 02-01-2016 00:26:19 When I read the data from file the result shows as, 72158290811853072 2 02-01-2016 00:26:19 Any ideas on how I can read the data correctly? A: The problem is that you cannot write a newline inside an existing record in a file, only a new line will be added to the start of the file. Your command: with open(“file.txt”, “a+”) as output: output.write(str(first)+” “+str(second)+” “+str(date) + ” “) creates a new file and starts writing your data