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Find Your Files Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) Download [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

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With Find Your Files, the electronic versions of documents are protected against damage, loss and unauthorized access.
Find Your Files is a perfect solution for companies. Thanks to Find Your Files, the important documents can be scanned and digitally shared with other authorized co-workers in a very simple way.
Just think about the time related to sorting and handing over document that you would save. Additionally, your archive would be more secure thanks to automatic backup copy system.
Are you looking for a bill to lodge your customer complaint, an invoice to settle your accounts with some company that sold you something, or maybe you have boxes stuffed with instruction manuals? You do not have to undergo the torture of raking through all your cabinet.
Now you can easily find even the simple receipt. students – binders, notebooks, separate sheets of paper with notes and xerox copies that are always incomplete. Find Your Files enables you to organize your materials in order to easily find them.









Find Your Files

■ Advantages:
– Search all files within the cabinet, search by name, category, physical location or file type.
– Search any kind of file in your cabinet, with or without file extension.
– “Shuffle mode” – simply press the Shuffle button and the files will be shuffled in the exact order you started looking for them, with no particular order.
– Automatic backup copy, is a powerful feature, which includes copy and send, and a data compression/decompression.
– “FTP server” – a share folder and connection to FTP server – directories and files.
– “Send documents” – you can upload your documents on a FTP server and send them to other users directly on their devices, all with the same “find” ease.
■ Features:
– Search by name, extension and category.
– Search by file type.
– “Shuffle mode” – shuffle all files in the cabinet, or only a specified number of files.
– “FTP server” – share folder and connection to FTP server – directories and files.
– “Send documents” – you can upload your documents on a FTP server and send them to other users directly on their devices, all with the same “find” ease.
– Advanced sorting and filters by name, date, extension and file type.
– Changes can be remotely made from your PC or mobile device to all the entries stored in the cabinet.
– User creation and management.
– A powerful security feature – the archive is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access.
– The standard share folder is selectable as FTP server folder (“FTP server”), and the inclusion of a shared folder / folder exchange.
– All the documents are stored in one folder, so the user can keep a copy and send it to someone else.
■ User’s manual:

Special Features


Search With Name, File Type, Extension and Category

Search By Name, File Type, File Size and Date

Shuffle Mode – Sort In Order

FTP Server – Customize folder, upload and send to user’s device

Send Documents – Upload document to FTP server and send to remote device

Advanced Sorting and Filters

Sorting and Filtering Using Name, Date, Extension or File Type


Compression Using

Find Your Files Crack + With Registration Code Free Download

• Searching and tracking (keywords and dates).
• Archive and organize.
• Automatic backup copy.
• Automatic mail forwarding.
• Email back-up copy.
• Power archive.
• Power calendar.
• Power organizer.
• File desk and Cabinet system.
• Recycle.
• Scans and exports.
• Compose, print or send fax.
• Create personalized contacts.
• Customize database of documents.
• Pop-up for the menu.
• Version back-up.
• Version date-tracking.
• Highlight for example.

XLSX to XML File Converter
XLSX to XML software is designed to convert XLSX to XML document.
After running the software, you will get the XML converted XLSX document.
Export XLSX file to XML format is very easy, because in software we have included all the tools to solve the problem.
Please make sure you have installed the Latest version of MSOffice suite.
We recommend you get the original XLSX files from your client side. In rare cases, even if you save the software, it can still create the corrupt XML file.
Key Features:
1. Import XLSX: Import Excel and OpenXML format.
2. Export XML: Export XML file and save it as the original file name.
3. Convert: Convert XLSX to XML file and save it as new XML file.
4. Online Technical Support: We provide 24/7 online technical support to our user
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The all-in-one FTP app for Windows
Achieve the most-out-of-the-box solution for FTP clients. This handy FTP client includes FTP client, FTP server, FTP cmd, FTP proxy and TFTP proxy, with all-in-one FTP client app. We provide an easy FTP client app for Windows, which will help you to connect to the FTP server on the Internet for all-in-one FTP client.
Even if the FTP server is on a remote server, the FTP client still can support transparent FTP with the firewall settings.
* Support to FTP IPv4 and IPV6
* Support to FTP with or without password
* Support to FTP securely with the username

Find Your Files

– 2 levels of passwords to protect your documents: Most of the time you will forget about your authentication, but if you need to take a break you can easily switch the login to the weaker level
– searching filter: you may have different personas on the service, each with different searching needs, so you can group your files by subject, or by position
– switch among the different people: you can switch user in the app when you need to verify a document and do not want to show it to anyone
– split down your folders: you could be using the same document twice for two different purposes, each time you choose which version you would like to add to your archive
– security level: you can choose the level of protection for your documents – from None to Confidential, and from Encrypted to Full. Also, you can customize the level of access for each user
– create a profile: you can set your info within Find Your Files: your name, address, phone, street, city, state, zip, country and web mail. You can also set the level of protection for each document
– backup to Dropbox: you can choose whether the copies are automatically and securely saved into your Dropbox account or you can enter your password to leave your content on our servers
– Searchable: you can find all your document with the built-in search engine
Find Your Files includes 5 levels of password protection (None, Public, Private, Confidential and Full) so you can protect your sensitive documents according to your needs.
Find Your Files User Interface:
– Share Your Login: you can share your account with other people on the service
– Password Management: you can choose different secure password to protect your files and documents and see how many of them you can remember.
– Level of Protection: you can choose the level of protection for your documents: None, Public, Private, Confidential and Full.
– Cookies: you can choose the information that you want to give to us: your name, address, phone number, street, city, state, zip, country and web mail. You can also give us the level of protection for each document.
– Choose A Folder: you can upload your files directly in the app, and manage your content manually.
– Save and Name Your File: you can create and name your file, and then archive it into a folder.
– Save and Share: you can choose the level of access for each file.
– Choose Mail Email The Service and

What’s New In?

* search files electronically
* it’s easy, fast and secure
* supports auto and manual backup copy
* attaches every printed document to a customer account, email, weblink, spreadsheet or text file, and you can share it with any other person without logging in their account
* it’s a complete solution for emails, text and spreadsheet documents
You can make automatically backup copies of scanned documents (with original properties and meta data) and store them in many file systems like the local computer, (Recycle Bin, the Microsoft SkyDrive, Box etc) a folder inside your Google / Yahoo / Hotmail / AOL / Exchange mailbox and it’s also possible to create an archive to share with your colleagues (via email, web, FTP etc). You can create users that have access to archive, or it’s possible to share with a single person. Find Your Files is an easy way to manage a large amount of documents digitally.
Manual backup:
– backup the entire contents of your documents folder
– backup folder and its content with your company mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc)
– backup in text format with any text editor
– backup in PDF and Image format with Adobe Acrobat / Reader / Pro
– backup in HTML format with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, AOL etc.
There are many methods of choosing what to back up and which one to restore. When you use Find Your Files, the information is automatically restored in case the computer is damaged or missing.
This new version of Find Your Files allows us to recover Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, PDF files, JPEG files and GIF files in either tabular or text format. We are able to recover email attachments (PDF, JPEG, GIF, PPT, DOC, XLS, XML, HTML, TXT, ZIP), we are also able to retrieve Outlook attachments (EML, MSG, PPT etc.)
New features:
* automatic recovery: Restore only the changes made after the last backup
* Scan documents and add them to the archive
* Set off limits folders to be backed up
* Get the most recent backup history
* Set/Enable/Disable System Restore
* Send message to contacts with the attachment in the message (correspondence, copying instructions, receipts, bills, lists, spreadsheets, etc.)
* Reset your password and recover your files when you forgot it
* Attach an attachment to a new message to share with the recipient
* Store documents in your

System Requirements:

OS: XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
AMD Duron, Athlon XP, Athlon 2, Athlon XP II, Athlon II x64, AMD Athlon 64, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Pentium M, P4 Xeon, P4 Xeon, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo Extreme, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Extreme Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Extreme Duo, Core 2 Duo Extreme, Core 2 Duo Extreme, Core 2