Emergency Response Team

Emergency response team members ideally are trained and prepared to fulfill the roles required by the specific situation of an Active Shooter situation. As the size of an incident grows, and as more resources are drawn into the event, the command of the situation may shift through several phases. Individual team members can be trained in various aspects of the response, either be it medical assistance/first aid, hostage situations, The members are trained in their own building as well as the range.

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[…] This letter is to recommend the training taught by Mr. Graydon Lewis and his Krav Maga Force school.  Several of the men of Mid-Coast Baptist Church (including me) took his twelve week armed security class during the winter of 2018-2019.  The instructors were professional in every way and we received top-notch training during that time.

Mr. Lewis and the other trainers pushed us to our limits and helped us greatly expand our capabilities as an emergency response team.  The hand-to-had combat training and the time on the range was superb.  They helped to inculcate a “military mindset” among us.

Every man that participated is happy that he did and is convinced that he is much more suited for violent situations than he was before the training.  I would recommend Mr. Lewis and his school to anyone needing instruction in this field.

Bobby Mitchell


Mid-Coast Baptist Church
Brunswick, Maine

This is a 7 week course that starts Saturdays for an hour and a half.

Emergency Response Team