Basic SWAT & Combat Operations

Basic SWAT & Combat Operations course will give an Officer new to a tactical team a working understanding of the core skills relating to Close Quarters Battle (CQB) techniques, surgical marksmanship and operator mindset.

Armed And Unarmed Active Shooter

I can’t stress it enough that we can choose to freeze, fight or flee in these events, and the hardest one for some of you is probably going to be the flee option, because it goes against your nature. However, this is probably the best option in many cases.

Close Combat Tactical Firearms Instructor Course

After this 2 days course you will get a certificate of completion with 20 hours. After 70 hours of training/courses you will get a Close  Combat Tactical Fire Arms Instructor  certificate recognized by the State of Maine.

2 Day Security Operation

Two day certification Helicopter assault. Tactical vehicles. Shooting in and around vehicles extractions security General firearms safety Develop the combat mindset necessary to engage a threat and prevail Gain confidence as an individual in marksmanship abilities and effectiveness.

Total Officer Protection (TOP)

One of the best and most effective self defense systems designed for Police Departments, Security Agencies and Government Agents. We are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement these days and we are constantly updating our TOP Program in consultation with use-of-force experts to provide efficient responses in applications of reasonable force.

One Day Level I Carbine

The Level I Carbine course is designed to emphasize the fundamentals of marksmanship in utilizing a semi-automatic AR-15 type rifle or carbine. The course will consist of approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction on firearm safety, firearm operation, sling adjustment, sight adjustment, and the cognitive aspects of marksmanship.

Level I Pistol

The introductory pistol course is designed to markedly increase the skill level of the novice pistol shooter. The course will consist of approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction on firearm safety, firearm operation, and the cognitive aspects of marksmanship.

Close Quarters/Tactical Weapon Course

Whether you are a CCW permit holder UFAF Krav Instructor ,  active duty military or law enforcement, or armed security , you may be the first line of defense against an armed attacker or active shooter. The course begins with classroom instruction and moves quickly to the range for single and multiple target pistol drills designed to develop tactical pistol and Carbine skills under increasing pressure.

Two Day Tactical Pistol

This course is designed for proficient, experienced pistol shooters who want to significantly enhance their marksmanship accuracy and speed for tactical, defensive or competitive application.

Women's Four Hour Introductory Pistol

Limited to women and girls over the age of 12, this four hour introductory course requires no prior firearms experience, and is designed for novice shooters, as well as those who have no experience at all with firearms, and want to know how to load and unload, and shoot accurately and safely.

Protective Services Tactical Pistol and Carbine

This course is for the experienced UFAF Krav Maga Instructor military or law enforcement professional who desires to learn a variety of tactical applications involving both firearms. The course will consist of approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction on firearm safety, firearm operation, and the cognitive aspects of marksmanship

Basic Firearm Safety

This is a four-hour course for safe gun handling that is conducted in the classroom only. Students are taught three rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearm parts; how to unload certain action types; ammunition components; cleaning; care; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. Students will receive the course completion certificate.