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Combat Pistol & Combat Carbine

This course is designed for shooters who truly want to learn the art of combat shooting. Training will focus mainly on “Close Quarters Battle” distances of 50 meters and within. Whether it is a civilian training for home/property defense or a LE/military member wanting to hone combat skills; this course will enlighten all skill levels with hard-learned techniques current taught to SOF  82nd Airborne 1/508th Combat team & Ranger operators.


Weapons Safety & Manipulation

  • Combat Mindset
  • Techniques of Tactical Shooting
  • Recoil Management
  • Advanced Pistol Marksmanship
  • Speed Reload / Tac Reload
  • Immediate and Remedial Action
  • Transition Drills
  • Physiological Effects of Combat Stressors
  • Multiple-target Indexing
  • One-handed Pistol Reloads
  • Threat identification
  • Subconscious Mind & Muscle-Memory
  • Barricades
  • Combat drills on the move with one man down operations
  • Being dragged after parachute assault on DZ Combat Pistol deploy while dragged & release
  • One arm drills /wounded

1 Day Course: $299.00