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Whether you are a CCW permit holder UFAF Krav Instructor ,  active duty military or law enforcement, or armed security , you may be the first line of defense against an armed attacker or active shooter. The course begins with classroom instruction and moves quickly to the range for single and multiple target pistol drills designed to develop tactical pistol and Carbine skills under increasing pressure. It  then transitions to the combative s portion, which integrates close-quarter combat techniques with recognizing pre-assault indicators in an attacker, heightened situational awareness, understanding and developing the “warrior mindset”, weapon takeaway and retention techniques, and building the marksmanship fundamental skills and mental fortitude necessary to defend yourself and others in a real life threat situation. The last portion of the course integrates the combative s Krav Maga and shooting portions in real world scenarios against single and multiple attacker.
*  Students must be physically capable of a full day of hand to hand combat drills,
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Individual equipment (Student Furnished):
Semi-auto pistol & Carbine AR15 with a minimum of 2 magazines /
Holsters, magazine/speed loader pouches
Sturdy belt that will support your holster
Comfortable, loose-fitting 511 type tactical pants, or jeans
Running shoes, tactical type footwear you can move around well in
Cover Garment (jacket or vest)
Rain or inclement weather gear
Eye and ear protection (clear and shaded lens are recommended)
Water/Snacks/Bag Lunch
Towel, facial wipes,an extra T-shirt (you will get sweaty)
Course includes: 16 hours two days of instruction and a certificate of completion.

Close Quarters/Tactical Weapon

$150/per day