2 Day Security Operations

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Two day certification Helicopter assault. Tactical vehicles. Shooting in and around vehicles extractions security General firearms safety Develop the combat mindset necessary to engage a threat and prevail Gain confidence as an individual in marksmanship abilities and effectiveness.

Gain a measurable increase in speed (by stressing the fundamentals), accuracy and target acquisition with M4 (carbine) and secondary weapons system (pistol) at varying distances in prescribed times based on specific drills.

Gain a measurable increase in individual and small unit marksmanship from behind cover and barricades at varying distances Engage targets from and around vehicles – both pistol and carbine.

Gain a measurable increase in ability to shoot accurately and discriminate targets while on the move and in close proximity to non-combatants and fellow Soldiers Gain the knowledge, confidence and weapons handling skills to safely move on to Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training Shoot house.


2 Day Security Operations



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